Friday, March 26, 2010

Chore Chart

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Disclaimer -- we don't use these chore charts anymore.  We've outgrown this system.

Each of the pockets were made using clear envelopes cut in half.   The chore cards were index cards cut in half.  

Each chore card had a visual cue on the front using stickers or diecut letters.  On the reverse side, there was a list of how to complete the chore/expectations for a chore to be considered complete. 

Every morning I would set the cards up in the pocket.  It allowed for some variation of chores based on need, ease, or general rotation.  I always had a stash of blank cards available for new chores.

As the kid completed a chore, she turned it over.  So when ishe asked for afternoon media time, I could tell immediately if all her chores were completed.

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