Monday, May 6, 2013

Home Made Grid-it (no-sew version) Tutorial

Pin It I think a post on alerted me to Grid-it organizers.  They’re a brilliant way to store cords and other things that can get lost in a backpack or bag.  I needed one to corral my “cord drawer.”  So I knew that it only need to be one sided and I didn’t want to sew. 
1.Book cover and fabric.  This is a good time to cut out the corners of your fabric.
2. Using lots of random elastic I started to make my grid. 
3.  pinned my elastic to the fabric (I realize now I should have just stapled the elastic to the fabric and avoided this ridiculous step.).  Do you like the FEDCO elastic from the 1980s?  My mother only paid a $1.07 for it!
4.  The elastic going perpendicular to the elastic in step 2 are being placed. 
5.  Woven and rewoven to get the right spacing of elastic
6.  Stapled all the elastic to the fabric
7.  For extra security, adhere Hello Kitty Duct Tape to corners.  Wrap one bookcover with fabric/elastic grid.
8.  Hot glue to matching bookcover. 
The cord drawer is no longer a nest of tangled cords! 
I have since made several other grid-it organizers using this method (sewing machine needed):
And if you really want to take it to a new level: