Monday, February 11, 2013

Easter Stained “Glass”

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This was a great project for our mixed age co-op group. 

Contact Paper – Clear (cut larger than your sheet of black construction paper)
Black Construction Paper
Assorted colors of Tissue Paper
white chalk



Closer-up pictures




Quick Instructions:

1.  using white chalk, draw a design on your black construction paper.  Be sure to have a frame on your black construction paper.  Keep in mind that this side of the paper will eventually become the back of your project.  So if you are planning to use letters, make sure they are reversed. 

2.  Cut out your design. 

3.  Remove the wax liner from your contact paper sheet.  Place it adhesive side up on table. 

4.   Place your black construction paper (with the chalk side up) centered on your contact paper. 

5.  Apply tissue paper to adhesive.  Some of the kids tore up the tissue paper and stuck it to the contact paper. Other kids filled each stained glass “chunk’ with one color of tissue paper (see angel).  One kid cut out a heart and placed it behind the cross. 

6. Either fold or cut excess contact paper

7.  Place in window and enjoy!

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