Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chinese New Year Red Envelope projects

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I think I’m a 4th-generation Chinese-American.  Lots of things get watered down or forgotten.  Such as….
I’m not sure what the protocol on the red envelopes are.   I do know you’re supposed to receive it with two hand, look the giver in the eye, and say something appropriate.  I thought I read somewhere that it is bad luck to rip and/or throw the envelopes away.  I don’t know if there’s a policy on reusing the red envelope, but I’ll admit to doing so.  And always make sure the red envelope is appropriate for the occasion.  It helps to have someone who can read Chinese or know what the pictures mean.  Rosemary Gong’s book “Good Luck Life” is a basic reference guide for the befuddled Chinese-American. 
The top two projects were copied from Grandma’s assisted living facility.  They do great crafts.  (If no one is inspecting the handiwork closely, a stapler works great.)
The square was made using the same technique as explained in this link.
The lower right hand project was a squatty, stunted goof of the more round one. 

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