Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nook Book Cover

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IngredientsMain Book cover: 1 book cover slightly larger than Nook
Inside:  1/2 book cover slightly smaller or same size as Main Book Cover
Inside Patch:  Scrapbook paper
Elastic: Approximately 2 feet (the debate, what color elastic to use?!?)

ToolsGlue Gun
Flexible adhesive appropriate for paper (I used my ATG)
Paper trimmer
Xacto Knife
(I didn’t take in-process pictures.  I was just excited to put it together.  If I ever make another one, I’ll update this post.)

1.  Cut scrapbook paper at least 3x bigger than the book spine.  Adhere to cover up book spine “scar.”  I goofed up a couple of times during this part.  First, I cut the paper 2x bigger than book spine.  I figured that I would cover just over the minimum space of the spine scar.  Doesn’t work,  Paper pops up and doesn’t lay flat.  And I also wanted to make sure the scrapbook paper underneath the 1/2 book cover would not suffer from the “popping up” syndrome as well.  It’s just paper – use a generous size.
2.  with the 1/2 cover and the elastic figure out what will keep your Nook secure.  Take note of finished edges.  Make sure the unfinished edge is by the spine.  Trace where elastic will be on wrong side of 1/2 cover.  In order to avoid lumpiness, I used the Xacto knife to remove some of the inner book cover and created a groove the width and depth of the elastic.  Using glue gun, fill in groove with hot glue and secure elastic.
3.  If everything’s dry and you are sure of the orientation of the inner book cover/elastic piece, apply hot glue to cover and carefully adhere 1/2 book cover.  I also put some heavy books on it while it dried.  Just say no to lumps!


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